Peer Review Process

Upon receiving a manuscript to the office of the Journal of Natural Environment Change, first the executive manager checks for the relevance of subject and keeping the basic standards of journal papers structures (pointed out in guide for authors) and using English language. Then it is sent to two or three reviewers (either members of the Editorial Board or other Peer Reviewers). During a specified time which is given to them, they may suggest one of four choices:

  1. Publish without any changes,
  2. Publish with minor revisions,
  3. Publish with major revisions, or
  4. Reject publication.

If there is a disagreement, the Editor makes the decision as to whether the review should continue or not. If the decision puts the manuscript in the publishable category, the reviewers' comments are sent to the author for revision. Authors also are given a one-month turnaround time to make necessary changes meeting the reviewers' comments. 

The revised manuscript is returned to the same reviewers, along with all critiques of the manuscript. Again, they are given a one-month turnaround time to check wether they are satisfied with the corrections and answers to comments or not.

This process is continued until a final decision is made as to whether or not to publish the manuscript. Once accepted, it is placed in the queue for publication.

Usually, those manuscripts are published first that are accepted earlier than the others. In some cases, however, a manuscript may move ahead at a faster pace if it fits with a specific theme of an issue of the Journal.