Guide for Authors

Guidelines For Preparing Articles


In order to prevent any delays in the publication of the articles, all contributors are requested to follow the instructions below:                                                                                                                                                                                      

1. Articles should be research oriented, the result of authors' own work and should neither was published, nor have been simultaneously sent for publication in other journals.

Attachment1. The presented articles at conferences that their abstracts printed in the proceeding can be considered for publication.   

Attachment2. Review articles by distinguished authors who have already published research papers in the related fields will also be accepted, provided that they are based on multiple references.


2. The official language of Natural Environment Change is English.

3. Articles should be structured in good grammar with well prepared composition and simply letter – writing.

4. The maximum size of an article is 10000 world included text, figure and tables etc.  

5. All articles should include: an Abstract (Up to 200 words in English), Key words, Introduction, Study area, Materials and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment and References. Section to be included in articles:

First Page: title of the paper, authors/s’ name (identifying the corresponding author with a mark), affiliation & rank and an address for the corresponding author including mailing, e-mail address and phone.

6. Write on A4 paper, 3 centimeters spacing in every sides, regular (preferably thin) fonts, size 11 in Arial in Word format.

7. References in the text should be the same as the example: (Ghanji, 1997) or (Van Zeist and Wright, 1963 ) or (Schmidt et al., 2011).

8. References in the end of article should be organized the same as the following samples:

A. Books:Name of the author/s (date), title, book edition, publisher, place of publication.

B. Translated Books: Name of the author/s (date), title, book edition, publisher, place of publication.

C. Articles:Name of the author/s (date), title of the paper, title of the journal, volume, number, pages.

Book: Stoops, G., 2003. Guidelines for Analysis and Description of Soil Regolith Thin Sections. Soil Science Society of America. Wisconsin, Madison.

Journal: Berberian, M., Yeats, R.S., 1999. Patterns of historical earthquake rupture in the Iranian Plateau. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 89 (1), 120-139.

9. Papers extracted from theses will be published under the supervisor’s name and responsibility, while the advisors and student’s name will be included as co – authors.

10. Contributors are all responsible for the content of their papers.


Note: Submission of articles will be done only via the following web site:  

Address: 4th Floor, No. 52, Azin alley, Vesal Street, Engelab Ave., Institute of Geography, Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Tel: +982161113681, +982161112938, Fax:+982161113681